Questions about stock,

Hi all gurus,

I'm thinking of owning some shares of my own for long term investment but since I have limited to 0 knowledge of it I would like to ask some questions about it.

How many shares does 1 lot stands for? 100 or 1000?

Let's say if I were to buy 100 share at the price of 0.065. Means I'll have to pay 0.065 x 100 = RM6.50?

What are the usual charges?

If I were to trade myself, do I still need to pay for each trade I make?

What if the specific company I'm investing in has gone out of business? My money will be gone completely as well?

What do you guys recommend for newcomers like me? Find a broker and let him/her do it for me or do everything myself?

Thanks in advance.

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